Where Is Donald Game


How to play

Use Mouse to play the game


We love offering you the chance to try out as many Mickey Mouse Club games as possible because they are truly nice and perfect for you kids and of course our main goal here on our site is to give you kids the chance to have the time of your life with the most awesome characters ever and we think you can realy have that experience with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters,because they are just the coolest. So in this fun game from this category you will meet and play with Donald Duck, you surely know him already because he is pretty popular. We realy do hope you will be curious to play with him because he is very excited to be here with you, and this game is seriously a funny one. Your job is to find Donald Duck, he will be hiding behindone of the three identical symbols, things in the game, and you have to pay attention and to find him at the end of every level because this objects will switch places.