Tom And Jerry Classroom Clean Up Game


How to play

Use Mouse to play the game


It's been a while now since we haven't uploaded a new game from this particular category with Tom and Jerry, but we want you to know that they are back with you, today, within this new amazing game. As school started, Tom and Jerry are now classmates, and during the break, they got into a huge fight, and made a real mess in the classroom, as usual. So, now they have to clean up everything, and put back all the objects that they've thrown away in their chase, so that their teacher don't punish them. You kids, if you truly are fans of Tom and Jerry, will want to help them with this one, in this new and amazing game. In order to clean up the classroom, before the break's over, of course, you kids will have to take the items from the lower side of the screen, and put them back on the moving shelves, where they belong.