Bratz Action Heroez Roxxi Game


How to play

Use Mouse to play the game


If you thought that the Bratz dolls don't need or don't have their own action heroes, you couldn't be more wrong, girls, because they do have their own fair share of heroes, obviously, all fashionable and in love with clothes, even though they are on a mission to rescue and solve a difficult situation. A while ago, you met one of your favorite superhero, also a Bratz doll, well, today, you girls are going to meet with another one of your favorite superheroes named Roxxi. Roxxi is a very beautiful Bratz doll, an action hero, and she needs your help in advising her about her clothing. She wants to look her best when she goes on a mission, and for that, girls, she needs help from the most beautiful and fashionable girls in the world.